Monday, May 30, 2011

Jo Nesbo: The next Stieg Larsson?

I interviewed Stieg Larsson – author of The Leopard, which I wrote about last week – while he was in Canada a few weeks ago. My profile of the Norwegian author is in today's National Post. Here's a teaser:
Apples are not generally regarded as an inspiration for terror, but then, not everyone has Jo Nesbø’s imagination. 
Nesbø has been called “the next Stieg Larsson,” which seems a bit unfair since the two writers come from different countries, have different styles and The Leopard, Nesbø’s latest novel, is the eighth in his Harry Hole series — Nesbø has been writing and winning awards since 1997, long enough to not be the next anybody. 
Still, “Nordic Noir” — that moody, intricate and emotion-tangled style of crime writing made famous in North America by such writers as Henning Mankell and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Larsson — is having an extended cultural moment, and Nesbø brings his own flavour to the genre, starting with his own hard-boiled detective.
Read the rest on The Afterword.

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