Welcome I started this blog when I realized that I reference books and characters and stories and scenes a lot in my day to day life. Some people quote movies or song lyrics, but I am more likely to say something along the lines of "Did you ever read X? Because this is just like..." This sort of knowledge is great when Jeopardy has a literary category, but can sometimes be annoying – I'm working on it. In the meantime, Books Under Skin gives me (and you?) a weekly literary outlet.

Reviews I write about all kinds of books – fiction, poetry, non-fiction, short story collections, etc. – because that's what I read. This blog is framed as a place for recommending books, so you aren't likely to see a bad review here (I don't make money doing this, so why would I write about something I didn't like?). 
Some of the books I write about were sent to me by publishers, but many are books I came to on my own. If you're a publisher and would like me to send me review copies, please get in touch (e-mail is below).

About me I am twenty-something Nova Scotian living in Toronto and working as a freelance writer and editor. I have a BA in English and French and a masters of journalism. My writing has appeared in a smattering of places, including The Gazette in Montreal, the National Post, and the Maple Tree Literary Supplement (check here for more details). 

Beauty and the Beast was the first movie I saw in theatres and although I was already a book lover, I'm convinced my love of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stems from that movie's library scenes. I don't have a room full of books yet, but I'm well on my way.

Find me on Twitter: @angelahickman
I also blog about knitting and cooking and such here.

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