Saturday, October 17, 2009

Independent's Day

If there was ever a time to buy books, October always seems to be that time. The weather is still nice enough to wander around outside, but the chill in the air is such that you need to go inside to warm up occasionally. And what better place to warm up than in a bookstore?

Today is the Canadian Bookseller's Independent's Day. Not that I need an excuse to go out and shop for books, but sometimes it's nice to have a bigger-picture justification behind my purchases.

As much as I, admittedly, enjoy the idea of large bookstores (most often brought to you in the form of a Chapters/Indigo or a Barnes & Noble), finding small bookstores that are filled with interesting books and magazines is so much more satisfying. And small bookstores tend to give play to different kinds of books than large corporate ones, which means you can find the books you never knew you wanted to read.

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